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Women Behind Bars

Press Release
February 21, 2006
WOMEN BEHIND BARS - a must see!
Get your tickets now! Call 713 522 2204
"Tony Award winner Tom Eyen’s homage to sleazy B-movie matinee-fillers, WOMEN BEHIND BARS, is exploitation theater to the max. Under Joe Watts’s direction...the cartoon situations are brightened by a game cast, who play it straight even when in drag. During the show’s initial run off-off-Broadway in 1974, drag superstar Divine played the Matron, just so you know what kind of prison play this is. Glen Lambert, though, is himself divine as the bull dyke Matron. Burly, with a rotund contralto voice that Tallulah Bankhead would envy and lime eye shadow arching onto his forehead, Lambert is like a careening semi-wide trailer barreling full-tilt upon you. Actors...give these low-lifes just enough semblance of truth to keep the campy high jinks under control and laughs coming". D. L. Groover-Houston Press

"The show was bawdy, campy, hysterically funny, wonderfully acted, beautifully ensembled. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. And the sleazy Club Resurrection is the perfect venue for this over-the-top sleazefest! The cast deserves SRO audiences at every performance. Thanks for a great theatre experience when it seems that most theaters in our cow-town have resorted to mostly "safe" and "status quo" theatre". Buzz Bellmont-actor, singer, musician

"I enjoyed the show! It is certainly played with wild abandon, which works very well for this play. There is a lot of funny stuff. I found it very cleverly and innovatively staged in that tiny space as well."
Ron Jones-Equity actor and director, Artistic Director of Cy-Fair College Theatre

WHAT: WOMEN BEHIND BARS, at Club Resurrection, 711 West Gray

WHEN: February 10th thru March 11 (Friday & Saturdays), Curtain 8:PM,
and Sunday matinee March 5th, Curtain 3:00PM

Tickets: $20, Reservations 713-522-2204, Reserve early, seating is limited.

Get your tickets now! Call 713 522 2204
Group Rates are available for parties of 20 or more, $15, also if a party of at least 50, your group could "Buy Out The House", for a performance just for you, with the possibility of a "social hour", (furnishing your own hors d’oeuvres etc.), before the performance, and/or a "meet and greet" with the
"Crazy Cast" after the performance.

Contact: Joe Watts, 713-522-2204
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