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Theatre New West
Artistic Director Joe Watts
Reservations: 713-522-2204, theatrenwest@aol.com

(an insane and hysterical spoof on women's prison movies)

The Matron: Glen Lambert
A role that Glen was born & destined to play, he follows in the footsteps of
Pat Ast, of Andy Warhol fame, who created the role and Divine, who succeeded
Pat and is better remembered for the role. Glen brings a wealth of theater
experience to the stage, having performed in regional theaters as well as on and

Louise: David Barron
What can we say about Louise except that her elevator does not reach the top floors. As the Matron say's in referring to Louise, "we hired the handicapped".
David, who has appeared in many productions with Theatre New West, stepped into
this role four days before opening. His "take" on Dustin Hoffman's Tootsie
character is side splitting.

Blanche: Taavi Mark
"But ya are Blanche, ya are a child molester!" A left over from a third
rate production of STREETCAR, Blanche thinks she's still on tour, and is denial
that she's in prison for child molesting. Taavi's last adventure was
playing the lead role in Halloween Magic's DESPERATE MONTROSE HOUSE WIVES.
He is remembered for his roles in Theatre New West's productions of THE MOST FABULOUS STORY EVER TOLD and BENT.

Jo-Jo: Ronnie Williams
Stand back as Jo-Jo bounces all over the stage with her beautiful Black body.
Man, can that girl work it! Ronnie studied acting at Long Island University
and is having the time of his life in this role.

Cheri: Tara Stevens
Marilyn Monroe look-alikes eat your heart out. With a knock-out set of
knockers, Tara channels Monroe with all the breathiness possible. Tara says she is
destined for Hollywood stardom. Is she confusing her character with reality?
But then she is from a "theatrical" family, so anything is possible.

Granny: Melrose Fougere
Is it possible that Granny poisoned ALL NINE of her husbands? She is the
oldest of the prison women and is a born again Christian with a nasty tongue.
Melrose says she is over qualified for ingenue roles but loves sinking her teeth
into the role of Granny, with what teeth Granny has left.

Gloria: Lisa Marie Daugherty
Gloria is one bad assed lesbian, a stretch for the sweet, soft spoken Lisa
Marie, but that's why it's called acting. Lisa Marie has a background in
acting, directing and teaching in theaters in California, Virginia/DC and Austin.
She was seen last year as the evil Annie Wilkes in MISERY.

Ada: Julie Oliver
Ada loves to set things on fire, and Julie follows suit by setting the stage
ablaze in this psycho/sicko role. Julie admits she loves playing crazy
people, and has played quite a few over the years.

Guadalupe: Richard Solis
Think Carmen Miranda on Acid, fruit and all; she is fighting all the way to
the electric chair. Richard has an extensive background in "all things"
theatrical and is thrilled to add Guadalupe to his resume.

Mary-Eleanor: Candyce Prince
Mary-Eleanor goes from a sweet, naive girl to a hardened, tough as nails
cynic. Will she and the man on the Harley have a future together after she
gets out? Candyce recently graduated with honors from Adelphi University in
New York, with a BFA in theater.

Man-Paul/Doctor etc.: Joseph Easton
Joseph is a hunky young actor who appeared in several theaters in the Chicago
area and is making his Houston debut. He plays all the quote/unquote male
roles. Will the women prisoners manager to get ALL his clothes off?

WOMEN BEHIND BARS plays at Club Resurrection-711 West Gray,
(Directly across the street from the CLEANERS)
Fridays & Saturdays thru March 11th, Curtain 8:00pm,
with two Sunday Matinees: February 19th & March 5th, Curtain 3:00pm,
Tickets: $20, Reservations: 713-522-2204,
Reserve early, seating is limited

"The show was bawdy, campy, hysterically funny, wonderfully acted, beautifully ensembled. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. And the sleazy Club Resurrection is the perfect venue for this over-the-top sleazefest! I wish more people were there! The cast deserves SRO audiences every performance. We will talk it up. Thanks for a great theatre experience when it seems that most theatres in our cowtown have resorted to mostly "safe" and "status quo" theatre."
Peace and love, BUZZ BELLMONT, actor/ singer

Ron Jones was formerly Artistic Director of New Heights Theatre, he is an
Equity actor, has acted and directed at many theaters in town, especially Main
Street Theatre, and is currently Artistic Director of Cy-Fair College Center for
the Performing Arts. He had this to say:
"I enjoyed the show! It is certainly played with wild abandon, which works very well for this play. There is a lot of funny stuff. I found it very cleverly and innovatively staged in that tiny space as well. I just want to see it perfromed in nicer, larger, and cleaner space. Love you, Ron"
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